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2017 Nuc of Bees for Sale

We are taking reservations for 2017 Nucs. Reserve them early – they may sell out by March!

We’re excited to sell Nucs of bees for the 6th year in a row from Randy Oliver! They come packed with bees, brood, and an excellent laying queen. These bees are awesome and here are three reasons why you should get them (& why we sell them):

  1. Mite-free & Mite-resistant – Randy treats all the nucs with oxalic acid dribble so they are essentially mite-free when you get them (0 or 1 mites out of 300 bees). He also picks out the 30 hives (out of his 1200 hives) that do best against mites each year (keep mite levels lowest) and makes the queens for the nucs from those hives. You will still need to monitor mites July – October because of the mites your bees may pick up through robbing.
  2. Lots of HONEY – These Nucs are booming and build up fast. If you manage them correctly, you will likely get two boxes of honey your first year. Leave one for the bees for winter and harvest the other one in September or October.
  3. Gentle Temperament – Randy inspects hives often without a veil & gloves and in shorts and has bred his bees to be very mellow. These bees are great for beginners who are learning to hive inspect, as the bees are more forgiving and take a long time to rile up.

Randy Oliver (front) with our 2015 Nucs in Grass Valley.

Randy Oliver (front) with our 2015 Nucs in Grass Valley.

You have two different options:

Option 1: NUC in wood hive $372
For new beekeepers that need the wood hive equipment.
1st Year Queen Bee & colony of bees from Randy Oliver
5 deep frames of mostly brood plus 5 assembled frames with wax foundation
Painted Top Cover w/Inner cover
Painted Deep Super Box
Wax-dipped Screened Bottom Board with Drawer by Country Rubes
You will pick the hive up from the BioFuel Oasis on an evening in April (likely around April 21, but exact date to be announced later as dependent on weather), take it home, and set it on your hive stand/table. (No transfer of bees needed).

Option 2: NUC in returnable wood box $225 for bees/frames plus $15 wood nuc box deposit
For those that already have hive equipment.
1st Year Queen bee & colony of bees from Randy Oliver
5 deep frames of mostly brood
NUC wood box
You will pick up Nucs with 1st Year Queens from the BioFuel Oasis on an evening in April (likely mid to late April), take it home, and transfer to your hive at home.

biofuel_photo1_18-1Who Is Randy Oliver?
Randy Oliver is a well-respected beekeeper in Grass Valley who does significant field research on bees. He writes a monthly column in the American Bee Journal and maintains a very informative beekeeping web site at

What Kind of Bees Are They?
Randy Oliver breeds for genetic diversity within his thousand-hive operation; his queens come in a rainbow of colors. Such diversity ensures robust, healthy colonies. Each year he picks the top 30 hives that do the best against varroa mites and make the most honey, and breeds those queens for his Nucs. The queens are emerged and mated in the full-sized nucs in which they are sold, and have never been stressed by caging or banking. Each queen is fully “tested,” in that she’s been allowed enough time to confirm that she produces a good brood pattern. Randy works his bees without wearing gloves, so the bees are also breed to have gentle temperament. Oxalic acid is dribbled on each Nuc when there is no capped brood, so that they come with a very low varroa mite level (0 or 1 mite per 300 bees if you sugar roll test them).

IMG_0386Recommended Classes – These Nucs grow quickly. We highly recommend that if this is your first year beekeeping that you take our classes so you can successfully inspect and manage them:
Backyard Beekeeping (3 hrs) – Lecture class about the basics of bees and beekeeping
Hive Inspection Class (2 hrs) – Hands-on class where you learn the tools and how to inspect a hive.
Varroa Mite Class (3 hrs) – Hands-on class where you learn the sugar roll test to assess mite level and how to keep the level down.
Click here for the full descriptions and schedule of classes.

To reserve your NUC, please stop by the BioFuel Oasis (or call us up at 510.665.5509) and prepay the amount of Option 1 or 2. We only have 150 NUCS and they will sell out quickly.

Refund Policy:
1st Year Queens: Cancel by March 21st and get your full money back. After March 21st, all your money back minus $35.

Since we are getting a small quantity, we would like to spread the NUCs around, so we will be selling two NUCs, at most, to each person .

More questions? Please email