BioFuel Oasis

September Harvest Tasting 2017

September Harvest Tasting
Saturday, September 30th, 11am – 4pm, FREE!
BioFuel Oasis, 1441 Ashby Ave., Berkeley
Rain or Shine!

Come taste honey, kombucha, & different fermented vegetables! Take a free urban farming workshop, & vote on the best East Bay honey! Kids welcome.

Get inspiration to start (or expand!) your backyard urban farm by attending one of our free demos or workshops:

  • 11am — Planting Your Fall/Winter Herb Garden by Stefani Bittner, Homestead Garden Collective As we approach the season to cut back perennial herbs and plant the cold weather herb garden, Stefani will discuss favorite unique varieties to plant now to harvest and eat fresh through the fall and winter months, as well as her favorite preserving techniques for big herb harvests, from infused vinegars and salts to striking garlands and drying bundles.
  • Noon — How to Raise Baby Chicks Whether you are new to chickens or want to add to your flock, learn the basics of raising baby chicks in a brooder.
  • 1pm — Herbs for Stress and Anxiety Come learn about common herbs that will help to support your nervous system and calm stress and anxiety. You will also have an opportunity to try some soothing tinctures and teas with Finn Oakes of Steadfast Herbs.
  • 2pm — Apitherapy Learn how bee venom can help inflammatory and auto-immune conditions and how you can self-treat by stinging yourself. by Dr. Jennifer Lanett, Chiropractor​
  • 3pm — What You Need to Start a Beehive in Your Backyard with BioFuel Oasis worker-owner Jennifer Radtke. Attend this short intro workshop to beekeeping!
  • 4pm — Honey Contest Winner Announced! You must vote by 3:45pm on your favorite honey, so we can determine/announce the winner at 4pm.

To celebrate the harvest, we will have the following discounts 11am – 7pm:

  • 10% OFF everything in our store: organic chicken feed, beekeeping supplies, fermentation kits, local honey, canning jars, and more!
  • 20 cents/gallon off our local, recycled biodiesel at both our Berkeley and San Anselmo stations!

2017 Best East Bay Honey Contest
Come try a unique mix of honeys from East Bay beekeepers and vote for your favorite! See below for instructions on entering your honey.

The BioFuel Oasis hosts Urban Farming Classes focused on chickens, backyard beekeeping, and fermentation. If you can’t make it on Sept. 30th, learn in one of our hands-on classes.

How to Enter Our 2017 Best East Bay Honey Contest
We are excited to announce the 6th year of our honey contest and hope you will enter your honey! To enter, we must receive the following at our store no later than Saturday, September 23rd at 5pm:

A clear, pint-sized jar of honey with a label with the following information:
-your name
-your contact information (phone# and email)
-the date the honey was harvested
-the location of the hive (you can be as specific as you want about the location, but we need at least the name of the city)
-If you’d like to include some special information about the bees or the hive where the honey is from, that would be great as well!
Please make sure the outside of the container is free of honey and the lid is tightly closed (or the ants will get it before us.)

2017 Best East Bay Honey Contest Rules:
The honey MUST be from the East Bay.
The honey MUST have been harvested in 2017.
The honey must NOT have been flavored by you in any way.
The honey must NOT be crystalized.
One submission per person only.

Please submit your honey to us by September 23rd. There are only 10 slots available, so if we receive honey from more than 10 contestants, we will narrow them down to ones we feel are the most distinctive and/or representative of different parts of the East Bay. A popular vote that day by event attendees will decide the top 3 best honeys in the East Bay. We will announce the winners at 4pm on Saturday, Sept. 30th. The 1st place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the BioFuel Oasis Urban Farm Store. For more information, please email us at

We will let you know a few days prior to the contest whether your honey has been selected for the contest or not. If your honey IS selected, we will transfer it to a numbered, but otherwise un-labeled, squeeze bottle from which it will be sampled. This way, no one but us will know who’s honey belongs to who.

If your honey is NOT selected, we will let you know you and you may pick it up from us within 7 days. Any honey left after the contest may be picked up within 7 days.

Thank you for participating in this year’s contest and GOOD LUCK!