BioFuel Oasis

Donate to Keep Us Strong and Sustainable

Dear BioFuel Oasis Customers,

A number of local small businesses have closed recently because of high rent, high staff turnover, and all the stress that accompanies that. We have endured for almost 14 years (9 years at our current location). As we aim to break even this fall/winter, we want to also plan for the longevity of our store by adapting and adding new income streams. We could use your help to make that happen!

Raising $6K through customer donations would allow us to:

  • Develop an online store to add to our income. More and more sales are online instead of retail. This will add to our income to keep our store and all the great knowledge and education we provide as a public service on biodiesel, chickens, gardening, & bees.
  • Add more outdoor signage to increase customers. Every day a person comes in that says they never knew we had a store. Clearer signage will attract more walk-in and drive-by traffic.
  • Buy a shipping container to add more dry storage area for additional merchandise. This will allow us to buy more at a time at greater discounts and also add more diverse products.


  • Any amount will be greatly appreciated!
  • $100 (or more) will get you a Worker Bee tshirt (if you desire). Let us know your size!


  • If you want no money going to credit card fees, mail us a check or give us cash in the store.
  • If you want to do it quickly and easily (because you’ll forget if you don’t), use this Paypal button to donate:


  • You want our business to stay healthy and prosper for years to come.
  • You appreciate our dedication to education around biodiesel/climate change and backyard bees/chickens that you can’t get online or really anywhere else.
  • You want us independent (& debt-free). Over the years we have raised money through donations from customers twice (once $5K for our initial pump and $35K for our move to the Ashby location). Donations are a source of capital that keep us independent rather than beholden to investors. In 2018 we pay off the last of our $175K loans we took out for all our construction work at Ashby (a property we rent, not own), and want to continue on debt-free.
  • Your donation will go a long way. $6K for an online store, shipping container and signage is an incredible bargain. We are frugal plus have graphic design and computer skills amongst our staff so we can do it all inhouse.

We really appreciate how much you, our customers, prioritize buying from us, a small, local store. Your money stays local and in our case, also supports the democratic worker-owned cooperative model.

Jennifer & Kelsey, Worker-Owners, & Tess on Worker-Owner Track