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SF Gate -Berkeley’s Biofuel Oasis Pumps Up Local Living in the Bay

Biofuel Oasis in Berkeley is an all-women worker-owned cooperative and urban resource for folks who want to lighten their ecological footprints and maybe raise a chicken or two. Besides selling biodiesel and farm supplies, the Oasis regularly offers workshops on diesel car maintenance; raising chickens, ducks and goats in urban environments; and rainwater harvesting and […]

Bay Area Bites  Goat-Curious? Take Urban Goats 101 with Novella Carpenter

Mother’s Day this year was a bit atypical. My interest in urban farming had peaked with the possibility of raising goats in my Oakland backyard and I needed a dose of reality. So instead of brunching with Mom I spent the morning learning about goat husbandry in an Urban Goats 101 class at the BioFuel […]

ABC News   KGO-TV San Francisco

— Mix the troubled economy with the desire to eat healthy food – and what do you get? A backyard turned into a barnyard. Here’s a look at the growing world of urban farming. The farm is a small backyard behind a pink house. It’s across the street from an abandoned building, just a few […]

Bust Magazine – Tank Girls Fill ‘er up at the all women run biofuel station

Many of us try to do our part for the environment: we recycle, bike to work, or buy eco friendly cleaners. The ladies of Biofuel Oasis, however, have gone beyond what most of us would ever dream of trying in their war against pollution. Melissa Hardy, Margaret Farrow, Ace Anderson, Novella Carpenter, and Jennifer Radtke, […]

Diablo Magazine – Women to Watch

The Biodevas / The Environmentalists This spring, in the weeks before opening what they call the “most sustainable filling station in the nation,” the owners of Biofuel Oasis in Berkeley were smoothing gravel in trenches they had dug themselves. In one trench, they had laid pipe to carry the biodiesel—made from recycled cooking oil—from a […]

SF Style Philes: BioFuel Oasis Happy Hour

SFUnzipped takes it to the streets with StylePhiles — where we talk to real people about how they pull their look together. Last Thursday, The fabulous BioDevas of Berkeley’s BioFuel Oasis threw a fundraising Happy Hour at Trumer Pils Brewery to raise cash for their new biofuel station. (The Biofuel Oasis is a worker-owned & […]

Fueling Green Machines

September 2008 — Co-op America As reported in our fuel-ranking chart in a recent issue of the Co-op America Quarterly, the use of virgin materials for biofuels can’t be a sustainable replacement for our society’s reliance on fossil fuels. Waste oil for fuel, however, is another matter entirely, and is one of the very best […]

Consortium pumps up biodiesel

Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal – by Emma Ritch

Austin Mader-Clark of Autopia Biofuels has teamed up with two other biodiesel station owners to promote the alternative fuel.

Austin Mader-Clark’s new fueling station and convenience store in San Mateo is in the red, yet she makes time to confer with her competition weekly.

That collaboration is critical to the success of the fledgling industry, she said.

Three women-owned biodiesel stations — Mader-Clark’s Autopia Biofuels LLC, BioFuel Oasis Cooperative Inc. in Berkeley and Dogpatch Biofuels Cooperative Inc. in San Francisco — are establishing a consortium that could help them improve pricing, government regulation and public opinion.

KPFA interview

We were interviewed on KPFA’s Full Circle on Friday, August 8 Listen to MP3