BioFuel Oasis

San Anselmo Station


San Anselmo Unattended Biodiesel Station
Access card required

OPEN: 7am-7pm Daily
Address: 14 Greenfield Ave, San Anselmo, 94960 MAP

Current Price for Biodiesel (B99): $5.34

In 2010, BioFuel Oasis opened a second biodiesel fueling station in the Bay Area at 14 Greenfield Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960.  Specifically, it is located in the rear parking lot of an art gallery / framing shop at that address. Previously this station was owned and operated by LC Biofuels.

Purchasing fuel at our San Anselmo location works differently than at our Berkeley location. The San Anselmo pump is a 100% unstaffed fueling station. Fuel is purchased via an automated card-lock. However, unlike our Berkeley location, the card reader does not accept credit cards. To use the pump you will need to use an Access Card and a pin code we assign you.

To sign up for an Access Card, please fill out our webform, and we will contact you within a week with either a card, if you are a new customer, or a new PIN, if you are a former LC customer. The Access Card costs a one time fee of $10. This fee does not apply to previous LC Biofuels user group members.

LC Biofuels user group members
The Access Card given to you by LC Biofuels will continue to work at the San Anselmo pump. However, we will be assigning you a new pin code; your old pin will not work. Fill out the web form at to receive your new pin.

Freedom Fueling Card Users
The fueling infrastructure at the San Anselmo station differs from what we have at our Berkeley location. Because of this, the Freedom Fueling Card is not able to be linked to the San Anselmo Station. To use the San Anselmo Station you will need the Access Card described above.

Recycled Veg Oil Biodiesel
All fuel sold at San Anselmo is high quality ASTM B99, produced by Simple Fuels.
Simple Fuels is located in Chilcoot, California and produces biodiesel from used restaurant oil collected from northern California and western Nevada.

Biodiesel Gel Point
The gel point is approx 35° Fahrenheit.

It doesn’t often dip below 35° in the Bay Area, but if you travel to colder temps keep these recommendations in mind:

  • When you expect to be in temperatures between 25 and 35 degree for an extended period of time, blend with a minimum of 30% petroleum diesel.
  • When you expect to be in temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees F,
    blend with at least 50% petroleum diesel.