Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling

Don’t pour used oil or grease down the drain!

It can cause damage to plumbing, and pouring it outside can cause problems for wildlife and pollute the natural environment.

Instead, bring it to us!

We accept used cooking oil at our Berkeley Biodiesel Station, and turn it into biodiesel fuel!

The used cooking oil dropped off at our location goes to Smart Alternative Fuels, who converts it into biodiesel, and then we sell the biodiesel at our station.

To recycle your used oil, animal fats or grease, simply come to the Biofuel Oasis during our business hours. There’s a black dumpster in the parking lot you can pour your liquids into. If there are solids, please melt them at home before pouring them into the dumpster. Also, don’t forget to take your containers home with you!

For frequently asked questions about disposing of fats, oils and grease, visit the East Bay Municipal Utility District website. You’ll also find a list of drop off locations (including us!) on their Residential cooking oil and grease drop-off page.

Address: 1441 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94608
Hours: 11am – 7pm Monday – Friday, Noon – 4pm Saturday and Sunday