Urban Farm Store

What began as a biodiesel fueling station has now grown into a vibrant, community based destination. Step inside our store and you will find unique locally-made products along with everything you need to raise chickens, keep bees, and grow, ferment, and preserve your own food. Instead of the junk food you’ll see at your average gas station chain, we aim to empower you to grow, ferment, and raise your own food. 

Read about our urban farming programs and products below.

Herbal Medicine

We carry locally-made tinctures, salves, deodorants, sunscreen, and other toiletries. We stock and stand behind Fat and the Moon products as well as Steadfast Herbs, Bathing Culture, and All Good. We carry several herbal medicine books and teach classes throughout the year on herbal medicine and tincture and salve making.

Plastic-Free Supplies

Our fuel is petroleum-free, and so are we – as much as possible! We stock plastic-free, reusable alternatives to help you kick the plastic addiction. We have tiffin to-go ware containers, bamboo utensils, Bee’s Wrap, Chico Bags, metal straws, Stashers, and more. We also carry “Plastic Free,” a book by Beth Terry to help you change your lifestyle, easily.

Gardening and Soil-Building

Fortify your soil for a more abundant garden. We carry a selection of fertilizers, bokashi, biochar, biodynamic potting soil and compost, cover crop and wildflower seeds in bulk, and veggie seed packets. We also carry a line of organic pest control products and gardening equipment, and often teach gardening classes in the spring.

We also have wheat strawbales (in full or half-sized) and two sizes of wood shavings available for chicken bedding.

Straw is great for mulching on the top of gardens, growing directly in, or as brown material in compost systems!

Fermenting and Canning Supplies

In order to preserve your urban harvest, we carry ceramic crocks for making kraut, cheese kits, pickler kits, kombucha starters, Sourdough starters, kefir starters, pickle weights, and more!

Local Honey

We carry a number of different honeys from local bee keepers on a continual basis.
All of the honey we source comes from hives in the East Bay area: often Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, Fremont and more. At any time, we could have 6 or more different honey varieties. They are all delicious!