Urban Farming

What began as a biodiesel fueling station has now grown into a vibrant, community based destination. Step inside our store and you will find unique locally-made products along with everything you need to raise chickens, keep bees, and grow your own food. Instead of the junk food you’ll see at your average gas station chain, we aim to empower you to grow, ferment, and raise your own food. 

Read about our urban farming programs and products below.

Modesto Milling Animal Feeds

We have a variety of organic chicken and animal feed from Modesto Milling. Our inventory of feed includes layer pellets and crumble for laying hens, chick start for baby chicks, soy and corn free feeds, as well as feed for ducks, goats, and rabbits. If there is any feed you would like for us to special order from Modesto just give the store a call and we can try to arrange that for you!

Straw & Hay

We have both straw and hay in stock. Straw is used for mulching, fertilizing and animal bedding. Hay is used as feed for animals. We carry Alfalfa and Timothy hay. The straw and hay are not sprayed wth chemical pesticides.

Soil and Garden Supplies

Fortify your soil for a more abundant garden. We carry a selection of fertilizers, bokashi, biochar, biodynamic potting soil and compost, cover crop and wildflower seeds in bulk, and veggie seed packets. We also carry a line of organic pest control products and gardening equipment, and often teach gardening classes in the spring.

We carry Malibu Compost and Soil which is a very popular! It’s farm made, biodynamic, non-GMO, and organic. If you have clay, sandy or compact soil that you need to fix, Bu’s Blend  Compost is what you need to help you change the soil structure. Baby Bu’s Biodynamic Blend Potting Soil is an all-in-one organic and Non-GMO potting soil with 25% of our best organic compost, Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost, in it. It also uses fir fines and coir rather than peat moss. We carry two sizes the small bags for $10.99 and large bags for $20.99

We also carry a variety of Down to Earth fertilizers and soil builders. They are premium quality, natural, and organic. Organic fertilizers are ideal for enhancing soil fertility and stimulating plant growth in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. They also add nutrients to the soil for uptake by plants and for use by the myriad microorganisms that inhabit healthy, productive soil. Some of the all natural fertilizers we have in stock here are the All Purpose, Fruit Tree, Citrus Mix, Vegetable Garden, Bio-Fish, and Bio-Live.

In addition to fertilizers and compost, we also have a small selection of hand garden tools and necessities like trowels, hori-horis, hand hoes, gloves, sun hats, and watering hose attachments. We also have books that a great to learn more about gardening and urban farming and we offer a wide range of classes throughout the year.