Biodiesel Station and Urban Farm Store

Urban Farm Store


Instead of selling junk food, the store at our biodiesel station sells urban farming supplies, and we teach classes to empower you to raise your own food. Below are examples of the products we carry.
OPEN: 11am – 7pm Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, Noon – 4pm Sunday
LOCATION: 1441 Ashby Ave, Berkeley (cross street is Sacramento St)

Modesto Milling Organic Feed
Modesto Milling is a 100% certified organic manufacturer of poultry and livestock feeds.
We carry their full line of chicken feed: Chick Starter and Poultry Grower, Layer Pellets and Layer Crumble, Scratch and Soy Free Layer Pellets plus Goat and Rabbit feed. Modesto Milling Layer Feed contains 17% crude protein. We can order bulk grains for chicken owners that like to blend their own feed. Also we stock important chicken supplements and minerals such as Oyster shell, Kelp meal, Diatomaceous Earth, and Bird Grit.
We also sell BABY CHICKS to start or add to your flock.


Backyard Beekeeping
All your beekeeping needs under one roof: complete hive set ups, safety equipment, and tools for working the hive. We assemble our own boxes with glues and nail, so they are very strong. We also assemble our frames with bees wax foundation. In stock now:
Hive Bodies and Frames
Bottom boards / Top Covers
Queen excluders
Bee escapes and much more!
We also rent two honey extractors: a hand-crank for $25 per day and an electric for $40 per day.

Local Honey
We feature local honey, so if you don’t have bees yourself, you can purchase their sweet goodness. Our honey is all produced in the East Bay, some from backyard beekeepers living just blocks away from our store. Honey is a local sugar source and can help lessen allergies if they are pollen-related.

canned food

Preserving the Harvest
For all you urban farmers wanting to preserve your
harvest we carry an assortment of Ball Canning Mason Jars
and accessories for canning, and beautiful crocks suitable
for sauerkraut.

You’ll also find supplies for making jams and jellies, kombucha, and cheese!

fork in soil

Good for your Soil
Fortify your soil for a more abundant garden. We carry red wiggler
composting worms and castings, a selection of fertilizers, and cover
crop seeds. Call us at 510.665.5509 to make sure we have the compost worms in stock!

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