Nuc of Bees

2021 NUCs are now on Sale! Call us at (510)-665-5509 to order now.
Read on for more information about the options and the process.

If you’re looking for care instructions on your new NUC, click here!

What is a “NUC of Bees?”

NUCs, or nucleus colonies, are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies. The name is derived from the fact that a NUC hive is centered on a queen, the nucleus of the honey bee colony.

NUCs for 2021

We’re excited to sell NUCs of bees for the 10th year in a row from Golden West Bees (Randy Oliver & his sons)! They come packed with bees, brood, and a queen bred from colonies that exhibit mite resistance.

Three Reasons You’ll Love Randy Oliver’s Bees

1. Gentle Temperament
Randy inspects hives often without a veil & gloves and has bred his bees to be very mellow. These bees are great for beginners who are learning to hive inspect, as the bees are more forgiving and take a long time to rile up.

2. LOTS of Honey
These NUCs are booming and build up fast. If you manage them correctly, you will likely get two boxes of honey your first year. Leave one for the bees for winter and harvest the other one in September or October.

3. Bred Only from Colonies that Exhibit Mite Resistance
Randy picks out ~30 hives (out of his 1200 hives) that do best against mites each year and makes the queens for the NUCs from those hives. Read about his efforts to breed for mite resistance! Recent news: The Olivers have significantly more hives each year that haven’t needed mite treatments and these will be the ones they breed from in March 2021 to put in these nucs.

Before you get your NUCs

These NUCs grow quickly. We highly recommend that you take our classes so you can successfully inspect and manage them, even if you’ve kept bees before. A refresher never hurts!


Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping
Fun and informal lecture class about the basics of bees and beekeeping in your own backyard.

Hive Inspection Class
Class and video demonstrating the necessary tools and how to thoroughly inspect your hive.

Varroa Mite Class
Learn the basics to keep your mites levels low and your hive healthy throughout the year in the East Bay.

When you’re ready to reserve your NUCs. Call us at (510)665-5509 or visit us in our store.

We currently offer 2 options for NUCs:

Option A: For Beginning or Experienced Beekeepers

NUC in corrugated cardboard NUC box

Cost: $260

For those who already own hive equipment. This option requires you to transfer your bees into your own equipment within a few days of receiving them. These NUCs will likely come mid spring (April-early May), depending on the weather.

Note for Beginners: You can come to the BioFuel Oasis and we can walk you through your choices of equipment and what you need to buy in preparation. You will then need to transfer your bees to your equipment in the next few days after getting them.


– 1st Year Queen bee & colony of bees from Randy Oliver
– 5 deep frames including brood laid by queen
– NUC of bees corrugated cardboard box

Option B: For New Beekeepers SOLD OUT


Cost: $396.95 (plus tax on equipment)

We have a limited room on the truck for these! Reserve early!

For new beekeepers that need the wood hive equipment. We will transfer the bees into brand new hive equipment for you, so all you need to do is take your bees and hive home. (Alternatively, you can purchase and paint your wood hive equipment ahead of time & buy Option A above.)

These NUCs will likely come mid to late spring (April to early May), depending on the weather. 


– 1st Year Queen Bee & colony of bees from Randy Oliver
– 5 deep frames including brood laid by queen plus 5 assembled frames with wax foundation
– Painted Top Cover w/Inner cover
– Painted Deep Super Box
– Painted Screened Bottom Board

When you’re ready to pick up your NUCs

All bees will be picked up between 8 and 10pm at NIGHT on 3 different evenings.


Pickups are weather dependent – a rainy or cold winter delays pick up and a dry and/or hot winter expedites pickup.

The earlier you reserve, the earlier you will be scheduled to pick-up and your bees will have more time to grow and produce more honey.

After you reserve your NUCs, we will email full instructions on how and when to pick up your hives.

Refund Policy:

Cancel by March 15th and get your full money back. After March 15th, all your money back minus $50.

Problems with your nuc?

Any issues with your nuc (no queen, etc.) need to be reported within 3 weeks of receiving your nuc. Time is of essence so we can correct the issue quickly.

More questions? Please email .